Our Vision

To be the most respected and sought after legal firm by providing sound legal counsel to individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds

Our Mission

To fight for justice, invest in people, and serve our community by using our expertise and training with passion and integrity

The Latest From Kyle

  • The Beauty and Dangers of Autumn

    The splendor and majesty of Autumn are both totally indescribable to me.  Autumn has a way of sparking a nostalgia of being a kid playing until dark which happens much earlier now and drinking warm drinks and roasting marsh-mellows.  Who remembers leaf raking into a pile and jumping into those leaves, or the smell of the…

  • What is Judicial Diversion?

    Often, I am asked by friends, family members, or clients: “what is diversion?” So in case any of my readers have that question burning in their minds, this blog should sufficiently answer the question. I will illustrate with the following story. So you get fresh and clean and head out for a Friday night of…

  • What to do if injured in a car accident or wreck

    Accidents are inevitable.  They happen to the best and worst of drivers.  Misfortune never discriminates and statistically, never takes a day off.  You can be driving along and out of nowhere, someone hits you from the front, side, or rear.  This is a fact of life and statistically speaking, everyone will be involved in at…

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Our Team

  • Amanda Holden
    Amanda Holden

    Although she enjoys every aspect of the law, Amanda has a particular love for family law as she is both a mom and “bonus” mom in a blended family.

  • Kara Page
    Kara Page
    Attorney at Law

    Kara practices primarily in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law and has been recognized by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys as one of the 10 Best Attorneys in the State of Tennessee.

  • Kyle Vaughan
    Kyle Vaughan
    Attorney at Law

    As founder and owner of The Vaughan Firm, Kyle embraces the entire Tri-Cities community and has a unique passion for people and heart to serve individuals of all backgrounds.

  • Jessie Compton
    Jessie Compton

    Jessie began working at the law office in 2015 but has worked with Kyle Vaughan for over ten years. She is a notary public and an integral part of the firm in managing day-to-day operations.

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