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The Tree Inside the Acorn

Every fall millions of acorns fall from giant oak trees in my front yard. Many of them are gathered by squirrels and stored for the long winter. Others are cracked from their shell and the inside eaten by the countless deer that graze in early morning. Still, many more are raked and bagged with the leaves in order to prevent thousands of tiny oak trees from sprouting up in the spring. As one gazes up at the 40 and 50 foot trees that stand so strong in a wind storm and provide shade during the scorching summer heat, it is astonishing to think how all that beauty and strength could come from a tiny nut. Everything needed to grow a majestic oak tree is found inside this seed measuring three quarters of an inch at best. Well, almost everything. Every acorn has the potential to be that mighty tree with branches that stretch wide and reach up to the sky, but only the ones that are planted and nurtured and even sometimes pruned will actually grow. With some careful attention acorns can produce something so large that it has the capacity to change the environment in which it was planted.

At Page & Vaughan, we use the acorn to remind us that the attention we give to small details will one day produce something that has the capacity to change our environment and even our world.

The mission of Page & Vaughan is to fight for justice, invest in people, and serve our community by using our expertise and training with passion and integrity. This mission propels us toward our vision to be the most respected and sought after legal firm by providing sound legal counsel to individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds. We will endeavor towards this goal one acorn at a time.

Our Team

  • Kara Page
    Kara Page
    Attorney at Law

    Kara practices primarily in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law and has been recognized by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys as one of the 10 Best Attorneys in the State of Tennessee.

  • Jessie Compton
    Jessie Compton

    Jessie began working at the law office in 2015 but has worked with Kyle Vaughan for over ten years. She is a notary public and an integral part of the firm in managing day-to-day operations.

  • Amanda Holden
    Amanda Holden

    Although she enjoys every aspect of the law, Amanda has a particular love for family law as she is both a mom and “bonus” mom in a blended family.

  • Kyle Vaughan
    Kyle Vaughan
    Attorney at Law

    As founder and owner of The Vaughan Firm, Kyle embraces the entire Tri-Cities community and has a unique passion for people and heart to serve individuals of all backgrounds.

Page & Vaughan, PLLC
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