The Beauty and Dangers of Autumn

The Beauty and Dangers of Autumn

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The splendor and majesty of Autumn are both totally indescribable to me.  Autumn has a way of sparking a nostalgia of being a kid playing until dark which happens much earlier now and drinking warm drinks and roasting marsh-mellows.  Who remembers leaf raking into a pile and jumping into those leaves, or the smell of the neighbor burning fire wood and a warm bowl of soup while observing the bluest of skies peppered with trees whose leaves display multi-colors against nature’s pallet?  Autumn’s crisp chill can spark endless romance as lovers take long walks and relish the last of mild temperatures before the long chill of Winter arrives.

Then there’s the perfect night attending high school or college football games under the clear blue skies with the sound of the marching band in the background and a warm cocoa in hand, your heart pulsates to the rhythm of the drums  as you enjoy wearing that perfect sweater and boots made for just this type of occasion.  Now after totally romanticizing Autumn in this fashion, it is important we understand the hazards this beautiful time of year brings to us.  I know a personal injury attorney should wish for more accidents but I want you all to be safe and enjoy this time of year.  Below are some hazards I want to caution you about that can impact your driving during this time of year:

  1. Falling leaves- leaves are changing colors and are falling on the roadways and when they become wet with either dew or rain, these leaves create very slick driving conditions;
  2. A tremendously bright sun- I am sure there is a scientist out there with an explanation as to why the sun appears to be so much brighter during the Autumn and Winter months.  I personally don’t have that scientific explanation but I can tell you the sun is really bright during this time of year and if you do not wear the right type of sunglasses; you will rear end someone;
  3. Frozen condensation- especially early in the mornings, the roads are slightly wet and the temps are colder so leave a little earlier for work and drive a little slower than normal;
  4. Distracted driving- not going to even speak about texting but it is perfectly normal to get caught up in the beauty of the surroundings and to lose focus for a second.  It only takes a second of distracted driving to cause an accident; and
  5. Cold Rains- we all know that roadways are most dangerous when condensation begins and oils are fresh on the roadways.
The easy solution to these additional hazards is being aware of the hazards.  Keep those hazards in mind and please slow down your car and leave home with plenty enough time to make it to work or your appointments.  If you do not take my advice now, you could end up receiving a summons to answer to a lawsuit I have filed against you for injuries in a collision you have caused.  Let’s not have that happen; enjoy Autumn’s greatness but exercise extreme cautions.


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